Om Chul Christian Aamodt

Chul Christian Aamodt has a master of science degree in Marine Hydrodynamics at the faculty of Marine Technology, NTNU.

After completing his studies, he spent one year at the research institute SINTEF.

In 2001, he started working in the edutech company Mintra. In 2006, he was appointed as the director of sales, marketing, business development and strategy in Mintra. He was a part of the management team until 2013.

Mr. Aamodt had a central role when the company digitized the processes for administration of courses and skills in the oil industry on the Norwegian continental shelf. He also played a central role in the internationalization of the company. The company has now offices in Norway, UK, Dubai and Singapore.

Mr. Aamodt was one of Mintra’s major shareholders when the company was acquired by a Private Equity fund for approximately 50 million US Dollars.

In 2014, Mr. Aamodt founded – an online newsmagazine for the energy industry. He is the CEO in the company.

In addition, he works as a board member in different startups, and he works as an angel investor in He primarily invests in media startups.

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